December 31, 2014

One of the many programmes on Congress' Foundation DY, 28 December 2014

December 30, 2014

Land Acquisition: industry and corporate sector was dismayed with the UPA government's new Land Acquisition Act that integrated compensation and rehabilation measures, focused on consent of the farmers, restricted acquisitions and introduced a number of safeguards to protect the farmers. It was significant that the Act was a byproduct of consultation and consensus. BJP was a party to this consensus. Now far reaching changes, detrimental to farmers' interests and agriculture have been introduced by the NDA government through a proposed Ordinance, bypassing consultation, consensus and Parliament. Shall discuss the subject at 8 PM tonight on 24 Ghanta Channel.

December 29, 2014

It seems Madan Mitra is simply not reconciled to his changed status! When the doctors have released him from the government hospital, how come he is in jail hospital? The jail authorities must explain the reason and rationale of this special treatment.

December 28, 2014

Attending and addressing programmes celebrating 130th Foundation Day since morning in a Jadavpur and Mukundpur. Shall be addressing a public function in Ward 21 in Kolkata in the evening.

December 27, 2014

Chief Minister: There are justified reasons for being critical of TMC , it's policies, it's Sharada links. The government has been a disaster. At the same time, there is no reason not to compliment the initiative of the Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee to reach out to displaced people from Assam who have taken shelter in Kumargram in Alipurduar. It is a gesture that adds value.

The following analysis is interesting: BJP lost about 10 per cent votes in Jammu &Kashmir election in comparison to Lok Sabha election. Congress also lost about 5 per cent votes. However, whereas Congress has added votes, about 60000in the Assembly election, BJP has lost votes as well. The total no of votes cast was up from 35 Lakhs to 48 Lakhs in the Assembly election.…/numbers-reveal-jus…/story/1/1228.html

December 26, 2014

Purulia arms drop case. Times Now Channel at 9.50 PM

I recommend this article for the research and clarity on a subject that often ignites fierce debate:
“What exactly was Vajpayee's role in the Quit India movement?”

December 25, 2014

Ill Earned: it is said that earning and building a reputation takes time. Or maybe not. Thanks to bad mouthing, threats and hate speeches, tv channels can make you 'famous', quick and fast. The latest in our notorious series is Birbhum President of BJP, Dudhkumar Mandal. He does not want to be left behind Anubrata Mandal, the Birbhum TMC President. He has threatened to cut off TMC worker's hand.... ABP Anando would be discussing this today evening at 8 and I have been invited to "pay respects" to this new hero/villain of West Bengal!

December 24, 2014

Beyond Sharada? It is a matter of regret that news channels in our state are so very reluctant to devote time to report/analyse national and international news and developments. In an interconnected world of interdependent effect of developments across West Bengal's border or for that matter India's border, Such reluctance is a matter of great regret. I am not sure if our state is ever going to go beyond the different shades and facets of Sharada investigation.

Shall discuss the subject of Assam tragedy on ABP Ananda at 7.30 PM today evening.

Tragedy has revisited Assam once again. Senseless killing of tribals in attacks by a section of Bodo militants in Sonitpur and in Kokrajhar continues unabated. Bodoland Autonomous Council (BAC) was granted to satisfy the aspirations of the Bodos for autonomy and vindication of their separate identity. But a section of the militants continue their nefarious designs against everyone, principally the tribals. Thousands were rendered homeless in the wake of violence against the tribals in mid 1990s. That time I had visited Kokrajhar and adjoining areas to study the conflict and resultant displacement. It is a matter of great disappointment that civil strife continues and innocents killed. Counter attack and retaliation would only aggravate the grim scenario.

December 23, 2014

Setback: nothing out of the blue. Our Party is suffering from a defeat syndrome. Verdict in Jharkhand and J& K is the latest in the series of drubbing. Much introspection is required and no less than that Congress must reinvent itself.

December 22, 2014

PM Modi is keeping mum. He has gone into silent mode, is avoiding Rajya Sabha and reportedly even threatened to resign. His past association and role as a RSS Pracharak is overshadowing his development hyperbole? Or he and RSS are on the same page and this conversion/ghar wapasi is nothing but a strategy to divert attention from the multiple failures of the government, increasingly manifest.

Drug racket and Akali Dal- BJP government in Punjab is mAking headlines. The Punjab revenue minister has been finally summoned by ED in the international racket involving Punjab politicians and thousands of crores of money illegally earned and parked abroad. Congress has been demanding strict action against the drug menace in the state where a very sizeable section of youth have become an easy pawn. Revenue Minister is linked to a central minister in the Modi government. Akali Dal is trying to protect him and BJP refuses to go beyond issuing statement. Double standards of the party increasingly exposed.

Mum Modi: Opposition parties have been raising a valid question: why the PM is avoiding the Parliament. Why Modi is keeping mum when RSS and its item boys are spreading hatred and polarise the country by their conversion/ ghar wapasi programme in Gujarat, UP, Chattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh and Kerala?

December 21, 2014

Diversion : BJP is talking about an stringent law against conversion. While Hindus can not be converted, members of other different faith can be "reconverted" as "ghar wapasi" by RSS and its various item boys/organisations. RSS/ BJP are not contradicting each other. In fact they are on the same page. These are many different ways to polarise the citizens as well as to divert attention from the increasing disenchantment from the Modi government.

December 20, 2014

Article on why Ayodhya Sadhus are critical of RSS and its various item boys:
“Ayodhya sadhus criticise reconversion drive, say RSS is playing politics with blood”

Fooling around: Elections in Jammu & Kashmir would be over today. I understand BJP's 44+ plan is a failure with the valley overwhelmingly rejecting the party. Interestingly, Jammu voters are not enamoured of BJP either given the U Turn of BJP on Article 370 and PM Modi's failure to utter a single word against Pakistan in his Kashmir rallies. In Jammu he talked of discrimination of the region by Kashmir but did not mention this in Kashmir. You can not fool all the people all the time...

December 19, 2014

GST: BJP government has introduced the GST Bill in Lok Sabha. Finance Minister says it is a most important reform measure, in taxation. BJP of course opposed it tooth and nail when UPA government attempted to craft a consensus over GST. Now this is going to be BJP's biggest achievement etc. Yet another BJP doublespeak exposed but what is galling is that UPA government did not work enough to actualise its ideas.

US and Cuba have resumed diplomatic relations, leaving behind a five decade 'struggle' against each other. America has conceded that it's policy vis a vis Cuba has failed and Cuba despite its high pitched communist rhetoric is going to be impacted in ways that it's political system would ultimately concede to liberalism, in economic as well as political domain. Good for Cuba, US as well as for democracy.

December 18, 2014

GST: BJP government has introduced the GST Bill in Lok Sabha. Finance Minister says it is a most important reform measure, in taxation. BJP of course opposed it tooth and nail when UPA government attempted to craft a consensus over GST. Now this is going to be BJP's biggest achievement etc. Yet another BJP doublespeak exposed but what is galling is that UPA government did not work enough to actualise its ideas.

No Comment (Shared INC Photo)

December 17, 2014

In the wake of the dastardly terrorist attack against school children in Peshawar, Pakistan , it has become imperative that international action against terrorism receives the deserved priority. Besides, Pakistan needs to redesign its approach and shun the instrumentality of violence for its resolve to fight terrorism gain credibility in the international arena.

Back from Aizwal, the capital of Mizoram where I addressed a programme launching Maulana Azad Centre for Research on North East at Mizoram University. Now shall be going to Focus Channel at 9 PM to discuss Madan, Sharada and our collective misery in West Bengal! A balancing act, academics and political discourse, which I do not mind.

December 16, 2014

Most horrible and reprehensible attack by terrorists in Peshawar. World needs to get rid of the menace of terrorism against innocent civilians. Let strongest international counter attack against the terrorists be organised and India should not hesitate to join hands with international forces to strike hard against the forces inimical to humanity.

December 15, 2014

Shall be participating in a programme on ABP Anando at 7 PM today evening. Discussion may involve TMC strategy to counter the Saradha fallout and the possibility of an early election in West Bengal and what are the implications of this for the opposition parties.

December 14, 2014

2015 Election? In my bid to understand and analyse TMC strategy to meet the Saradha fallout, it occurred to me that they may like to go for early election. After the budget in February, the government may resign and recommend dissolution of the Assembly. This would advance the 2016 election to early election, in 2015 . The opposition may not be well prepared. If Mamata Banerjee be taking a big risk or it will be a gamble that she can pull off to her advantage.? Would like your views and comments on this.

December 13, 2014

Participated in the Economic Times' organised round table discussion on Politics vs Governance in Bengal . The focus was on disaster management in the context of gradual sliding down of Bengal and what is the road ahead. It was a closed door discussion exclusively with the reporters and journalists of Economic Times.

Madan Mitra has been arrested. No surprise. There is thrill all over West Bengal. This is yet another milestone in CBI's ongoing probe into the Saradha scam.

December 12, 2014

Madan Mitra's arrest was inevitable. It is no surprise. This would boost the ongoing probe against the Sharada scam by the CBI under the direction of the Supreme Court. This would not be the last of the arrests in the scam!

December 7, 2014

Pakistan continues with its nefarious activities, through sponsorship of terrorism. A number of our security personnels and civilians have been killed in this continuous and latest attack in Kashmir. Rhetoric and mere chest thumbing would not do. Let PM Modi walk the talk. The question is will he?

December 4, 2014

Retrograde: Akhil Bharat Hindu Mahasabha, one of the many organisations of the Sangh Parivar has demanded that item girls should be declared as prostitutes and that girls should be barred from wearing jeans. Later they said not jeans but half jeans should be banned. There is all around a disquieting noise, of retrogression. Ministers are openly talking in language of the gutter and Modi dispensation is keeping quiet, interested only in containing public outrage but not serious about condemning the hate mongers and enemies of our liberal order.

December 1, 2014

Another U Turn by Modi sarkar(Once again Shri Modi has taken a U-Turn. This time its on the Land Boundary Agreement with Bangladesh, which the then UPA-govt. had proposed and the NDA had opposed.)

November 30, 2014

2 Laddoos: BJP has been able to make appropriate noises and gathered a decent numbers for its meeting today. They are making a pitch against Saradha scam. How to remind them it was Congress and also the Left Front that has been at the forefront of demand for a CBI probe. And it was only in March 2014 that Mr Modi had talked of two laddoos, BJP on one hand, TMC on the other. Both of these laddoos are unpalatable for people of West Bengal.

November 29, 2014

Frontline magazine , 3rd October Issue on BJP rise ete.My views quoted here: The senior Congress leader and academic Om Prakash Mishra has pointed to several factors that will act as a deterrent to communal tensions escalating in the State. The Muslim population in West Bengal, which is much higher in percentage than in Uttar Pradesh, is, except in a few districts, evenly distributed all over the State. More importantly, the State has a long tradition of Hindus and Muslims living harmoniously in the rural regions, with little to tell them apart except for their names. Muslim representation in grass-roots-level politics is quite strong and is not restricted by religious factors—a Muslim panchayat leader will undoubtedly have many Hindu supporters. “It is this almost even distribution of religious groups with its own checks and balances that will prevent fundamentalist forces from causing tension, and ultimately, it is this that will be the undoing of the BJP,” Mishra told Frontlie.

Congress campaign in Jharkhand.

Congress is very much active. A meeting at Amtala, South 24 Parganas

November 28, 2014

Arnica Sector: BJP government's invitation to Pakistan PM for swearing in of PM Modi was hailed as brilliant and a great diplomatic move by Modi Bhakts. Then Foreign Secretaries were to meet and it was considered a great move forward. Then at the last moment, on a flimsy ground, talks were cancelled and it was considered a great decision. Pakistan continued with its violation of ceasefire, firing along the line of control and international border and we suffered many casualties. The Modi Bhakts and the government have continued their congratulatory and celebratory mood. At the SAARC Summit, the two PMs finally shook hand after cold shouldering each other for two days. And now Arnia sector has witnessed infiltration, gunfire and 5 civilians and 3 security personnels have been killed. Now the question is what is the response of our very "strong" PM Modi and his government? In what way this government has been able to chart a different course than that of the previous government? Let us not forget that we can not allow matters related to national security to become a prisoner of rhetoric and electoral considerations. Modi government and Modi Bhakts may please remember.

Trinamool Congress is on a downhill journey, cornered, on the defensive and hopefully on the way out. Sooner the better.

November 27, 2014

Media King: Nobody can question the media , about what they write, report. It could be wrong information, flawed interpretation, exaggerated accounted, planted story, paid story, motivated account but the media can not be held accountable. There is no responsibility attached to media reports and when they are caught on the wrong, you will not know because other media groups would not report!

And BJP is speak not! (Shared INC Photo)

November 26, 2014

West Bengal News: since I am in Guwahati I asked a journalist who called what is the news today in our state. Says he: na aajke key gerapthar hai ni
( no, nobody has been arrested today!)

November 25, 2014

Astrologer : On my way to Guwahati to attend a meeting of the UGC regarding research projects on North East. Read and feel 'educated' that our HRD minister Smriti Irani went to Rajastan to meet an astrologer and spend 4 hours with him. The astrologer has been kind to her: she would become President of India one day!

PM Modi pleads for cooperation and looks forward to a productive winter session of Parliament. I doubt if people would forget the continuous and systematic disruption of Parliament during UPA tenure by a obscurantist BJP.

November 24, 2014

Today evening-- Howrah meeting

November 23, 2014

Nothing has been done by Congress in '60' years- Modi. BJP supporters may note!

November 22, 2014

TMC today is a story of desperation writ large. Triumphant note of the Chief Minister replaced by loud cry.

Acche Din for the select coterie

Visited Korpan Sha' widow Arzina Begum and children at Uluberia, Howrah district, 20th November 2014

November 21, 2014

Kunal Ghosh, Srinjoy Basu, Madan Mitra.... Have become famous for infamous deed.

November 19, 2014

Brutality, insensitivity and the silence: Tomorrow I shall reach Uluberia together with some friends including MLAs to visit the family of Kurban Shah-- beaten to death by unidentified persons in prestigious NRS Memorial College and Hospital. Apparently he was caught stealing a mobile phone. He was by all account a vagabond, possibly mentally unstable, under treatment. He had lost his mother in a road accident about a month back and had no source of income to support his wife and 4 children. Villagers deny that he could steal. It is not known how he landed in NRS. There was a great hush hush regarding his death. It was only after two days that his identity could be established and it was only because of the media that the brutality of his murder came to the surface. Juniour doctors who stay in the hostel refuse to divulge any information. Police investigation lacks vigour and suffers from complete non cooperation of the hospital authorities. Korban died of internal injuries, a result of merciless beating by group of men. People responsible for his death are a 'powerful lobby' and it is not certain if there would be progress in the investigation or if the culprits (most educated section of the society perhaps) would be brought to justice. There is a need and a necessity for us to reach out to his family, his pregnant wife, his 4 children. I shall try to do that in my limited ways.

Unfriend: I propose to include at least some of the people who have send friend request out of about 2500 requests pending. Problem is I do not want to unfriend anyone to make room. Therefore I request friends who are inactive, do not read my posts , are not interested in my posts and possibly by mistake became friends , kindly go ahead and unfriend me. This will be to mutual advantage.

November 18, 2014

370 : now BJP has made yet another U turn. All along they have campaigned for the abrogation of Article 370 of the Constitution, providing for a special status for Jammu and Kashmir. But now BJP , on the eve of the election in the state is saying is that it wants the issue to be debated! Double talk unlimited!

U Turn: in yet another instance of U Turn, BJP is now talking about debating the issue of Article 370 of the Constitution. From its inception as a party, BJP has been demanding abrogation of Article 370. No longer so. After all it is election time in Jammu & Kashmir!

Missing: There are some words/phrases/ideas which are missing from the public discourse past few months: Acche Din, black money, Lokpal, independence of CBI, 2G, CAG...

November 17, 2014

Mamata Banerjee , our Chief Minister is in New Delhi to attend the 125th Birth Anniversary of Pandit Nehru, organised by Indian National Congress. She says that there is a need for a platform to fight against the communal forces; she is not averse to join hands with the Left forces; she pays a visit to veteran BJP leader Advaniji. No doubt she is getting increasingly isolated and is on a political back foot. She came to power, taking advantage of seat adjustment and sacrifice of Congress in West Bengal and back stabbed the UPA government. We have also not forgotten how she aligned with BJP in the state after splitting with Congress in 1998 .

Now Modi government has disbanded Planning Commission. Only PMO would be the repository of all planning and knowledge in the country...

The caption in the cover picture above, "Politics is not about authority. Politics is about ideology and responsibility"--- was part of my speech at India Today Mind Rocks Programme in Kolkata in 2013.

November 16, 2014

PM Modi is talking about Mahatma Gandhi in Australia. He has been a RSS Pracharak and is being guided by RSS in his stewardship of the government. I was wondering what he used to prachar or preach about Gandhiji during his RSS days?

November 15, 2014

Force defeated: TMC thinks that it can get away, always, by forcibly occupying Congress party offices in the state. Congress workers have resisted these attempts, unfortunately many a times without success given the strong arms tactics employed by the TMC backed by the police and administration. Their attempt was resisted and TMC attempt to occupy one of our offices was defeated today in Behrampur. I compliment our party workers of Behrampur.

CAG says it all...

November 14, 2014

Modi's Love: PM Modi is in love, love with words and is therefore wrongly advised possibly to use phrases that is an exercise in nothingness. He thinks or is led to believe that he would sound novel and his government considered favourably if he can use phrases that is 'catchy'. Latest 'victim' of this paraphrasing exercise is India's Look East Policy. Modi now talks of "Act East" as if looking does not involve acting!

Crowded: with Mr. Kunal Ghosh attempting to translate his threat to commit suicide inside jail, march of the save democracy forum on the Kolkata street and TMC activists targeting the police in Alipore ---- agenda is getting increasingly crowded. The government of the day is shaming us.

November 13, 2014

Education? Something drastically wrong with Modi governments' choice of education ministers ( Human Resources Department). Nation is already enlightened about Smriti Irani. Now the junior education minister, we learn, is facing charges for forgery in his BA and MA mark sheets. Matter is pending in the High Court.

November 12, 2014

Celebrating Falsity: One BJP leader has been mouthing falsities and our media houses are celebrating his false pretensions and claims by hosting talk shows. This leader claims that TMC won the 2011 Assembly elections in border areas with the support of Bangladeshi Jammat. TMC and Congress had seat adjustments and won in 45 seats, TMC 32, Congress 13 (60 Percent) out of 75 such seats. This was lower than the 72 percent of seats won by TMC and Congress. The reality was just the opposite of the claim by this BJP leader. But then it is hype, rhetoric and falsity time-- BJP time. We have no love for TMC but can not let facts become a casualty of BJP falsities.

BJP Discovery: One BJP leader from Delhi is mouthing unfounded allegations, clothing these as 'facts'. Our media houses are lapping up the sensational discoveries of this leader and everyday organising programmes to celebrate his utterances. This leader says that TMC aligned with Jammat of Bangladesh to win seats in the border areas of West Bengal. TMC won 32 and Congress 13 seats in the border constituencies out of 75 ( 60 percent) Nobody told this leader that the seats won is actually less than the about 72 percent seats won by TMC and Congress. What a ridiculous spectacle. We have no love for TMC but facts can not be allowed to become a casualty of BJP ignorance and falsity.

Retired: I find that most people after retirement become repository of all forms of knowledge and wisdom and they are often on television to lecture, advice and moralise. Well. Good enough. India would have really benefitted if these same people were doing and acting upon what they now preach when they were employed.

November 11, 2014

Defectors: 5 Congress MLAS have defected to TMC and refuse to resign their seats even when they are disqualified under the anti defection act. Congress' moved a no-confidence motion against the government in the Assembly and would have issued a Whip to these MLAs. It is interesting how Congress' proposal was not acceded to and this allows the defectors more time to escape disqualification.

No confidence: By not allowing a no confidence motion moved against the government by Congress Legislature Party for discussion in the West Bengal Assembly, 5 Congress MLAs who have defected to TMC would get protection for extended period. These MLAs have attracted the provisions of ant defection act but are refusing to reign their Assembly seats. Their defiance of Party Whip during voting could expose them and lead to their expulsion. But then Hon'ble Speaker has not allowed the no confidence motion of Congress. He has allowed the motion of Left Front .

Choice: I think it is unconstitutional to force people to vote. While we should all vote and it is our right but there can not be compulsion in the matter. Since 2009 Gujarat government has been trying to introduce compulsory voting in the local bodies election in the state but the Governor time and again turned down this legislative proposal. With the change of the Governor Mr Modi's attempts have succeeded. Should we have compulsory voting? It is a negation of democracy. Realm of choice should not be bound by compulsion.

(Shared INC Photo) It is better to know our ministers... Giriraj Singh wants everyone who do not support Modi to be packed off to Pakistan. Also, income Tax department has recovered 1.14 crore in cash from his residence recently...

November 10, 2014

Modi and etc. : Shiv Sena has dumped BJP and BJP with all the hype of victory in Maharastra would be a minority government, care of a " naturally corrupt party" quoting our know all PM Modi. We did not win but BJP also could not win either. Let us now see how they go about it --- Sam,danda, bheda etc.etc.

Efficient: PM Modi and his followers made a big noise about the " efficient" model of keeping the government small and compact, combining several departments under mega size ministries. Yesterday, within six months, the "model" was junked, with the addition of 21 new ministers and now some apologists of the government are singing praise of the realist model !!!

November 9, 2014

Sliding Down: It makes me sad to learn, almost daily of one or the other industrial units or factories getting closed. These grim developments are compounding West Bengal's economic woes. Instead of adding job and cutting down unemployment, our state is sliding down.

Babul Supriyo: it is good that Babul Supriyo from West Bengal has been inducted into PM Modi's ministry as a minister of State. 22 new ministers have been inducted with the PM realising that it is important to give due representation and his earlier idea of combining various ministries is not working. West Bengal, the third largest state of the country is always unrepresented adequately for one reason or the other. Left did not join the cabinet during UPA 1 and TMC quit for no good reason in 2012. After Shri Pranab Mukherjee became President , I took up the matter with the leadership publicly to demand three berths from West Bengal. We could get three ministers in the ministry which of course did not last long. Well. Congrats to Babul Supriyo. Will fight him politically but I wish him the very best of new responsibility.

November 7, 2014

Buffalo: Gujarat model of development tauted by PM Modi was in full display when a SpiceJet aircraft with 100 plus passengers hit a buffalo in the runway of Surat airport. A major disaster was avoided but the incident has exposed the hollowness of BJP claims regarding Gujarat. The airport area has been without proper fencing and stray cattle roam free. SpiceJet has stopped its operation from Surat.

Friends may be interested in report on Global India Foundation Programme on India-US-Pakistan Trajectory 2014…/let-might-targ…/article6565375.ece

Bluff and fraud abound. Most embarrassing. (Shared INC Photo)

November 6, 2014

PM Counting: You do not need to be able to count to become India's Prime Minister. I was hoping against hope someday PM would get to know and correct himself that Congress was in power for 54 years and not 60 years in independent India ( between 1947-2014). 6 Congress nominees have been PMs for 54 years and 7 non Congress leaders ( before Modi) have have been PM for 14 years. Congress rule for 60 years is possible only if we include Vajpayee's 6 years as Congress period or club Morarji, Desai, Charan Singh, VP Singh, Chandrasekhar, HK Deve Gowda and IK Gujral period (8 years) as Congress period. But then who will correct PM Modi and so everyone now is talking about 60 years of Congress rule!!!

November 5, 2014

Dr. Manmohan Singh deserves all the accolades he receives. Reminds us again the value of substantive work in comparison to futility of rhetoric....

November 3, 2014

27 Years: today I completed 27 years at Jadavpur University, with the Department of International Relations. Had joined this day in 1987 at age 26, after about a year of teaching at Govt Raj College, Jhargram. I have taken many assignments and offered many a position but I am so much at ease at JU. Nothing much has changed in a substantive way except the political current. Those days I was a rare bird, a Congressman in the University and Marxists were everywhere and they use to organise protest against introduction of computer in the campus.

November 2, 2014

PM Modi has assured us that he will bring back black money . Now he also says that he does not know the quantum of black money. Earlier while campaigning he had promised to enrich us by Lakshmi of rupees in our bank accounts. People thought he knows how much amount is involved. Otherwise how he could calculate the amount to be distributed. Well. His government has not even made public the names already with the government. Let his government do that, to begin with. Supreme Court has raised question who is being protected by the government?

November 1, 2014

Congress leaders and workers attempted to enter Makhra village. Unprecedented support from nearby villages

October 31, 2014

Nation respectfully remembers the contribution of Mrs. Indira Gandhi to state and nation building. Our Prime Minster for 14 years, Mrs. Indira Gandhi was martyred on this day in 1984. A grateful nation salutes her leadership and cherishes her memories.

October 27, 2014

My VIPs....

October 26, 2014

Anyone interested in a short and critical appraisal of PM Modi's visit to Japan by me may like to visit the website of Global India Foundation…

October 25, 2014

Published in Hindu Business Line--- article on Political Violence in West Bengal .…/b…/article6530021.ece…

Unbelievable-- about 800 bombs in drums inside a primary health centre, Birbhum, in our unfortunate West Bengal. Police attacked while attempting to recover the bombs!

True colours of BJP's Master—RSS Article in RSS magazine suggests Nathuram Godse should have killed Jawaharlal Nehru instead of Mahatma Gandhi

Public debate: The biggest debate in India should be about various approaches to development, in almost every domain and subject field. Unfortunately this hardly gets adequate articulation and representation in the media or in the policies and politics of political parties. Even social media hardly discusses development and governance issues. A big challenge is to make development and governance at the centre stage of public debate.

October 24, 2014

Two Villains: TMC is the known villain. So is BJP but in Bengal BJP is a masked villain. It is important to attack the policies and politics of both parties. Shall try to do that in 24 Ghanta channel programme from 7 to 8.30 and ion Focus channel programme at 9 PM today evening.

October 23, 2014

Regional parties: in the late 1960s Congress had to cede ground to the phenomenon of regional parties. The trend caught up huge momentum in 1990s. NDA was a coalition of regional parties led by a newly emergent national party, BJP. BJP claimed that it is a better master of coalition politics. Now that they have a majority in the Parliament, they claim the days of the regional parties is over or that they do not need the regional parties any longer. Is it a premature celebration? In Punjab, Andhra they play second fiddle. In Maharastra they are going to court regional forces. Congress has been always less comfortable with regional parties but has been much more successful. Between them PV Narasimha Rao and Manmohan Singh presided over 15 years of stable government in an era of coalition politics. Congress has learned fast. BJP is celebrating early.

October 22, 2014

CBI chargesheet in the Saradha scam is a big disappointment. They were asked to find out the role of the 'influential' people. Well. The chargesheet at least does not list any name other than those already behind the bar. Will there be another chargesheet (supplementary) . Maybe. May be not.

BJP Afraid: BJP is talking about corruption through tv channels. Why not act now that you are in the government? Who is preventing you from taking action, enquire, prosecute? Why not name people who have illegal bank accounts abroad? Why talk the language of diversion, deception. Finance Minister is dropping hints( about Congress) about corruption. Why not reveal? Go ahead but maybe BJP is afraid.

BJP Dilemma: While the opposition is in anticipation of what BJP does in Maharastra, the single largest party is in a dilemma-- to be with Shiv Sena, to ally with NCP or even to form a minority government. It is correct that the Governor can invite the single largest party to form a government and get its majority tested on the floor of the House. The government would be defeated on the floor of the House unless BJP can engineer defection or get NCP to abstain (and thereby to bring down the number required-145). This course of action is fraught with risk. Dilemma continues.

CBI chargesheet in the Saradha scam is a big dampener. There maybe (may not be!) supplementary chargesheet. Who knows?

October 21, 2014

Sudipta: this is another Supidto. Sudipta Ghosh, a TMC leader who has earned notoriety for assaulting police officials inside a Birbhum district police station. He is freely roaming around but can not be arrested despite a FIR filled by the police. Police is helpless and forced to show him as 'absconding'. His plea for anticipatory bail has been rejected twice but he is still at large. Public prosecutor himself pleaded his case!! This is possible only in our Bengal. Good news is that the Magistrate has refused to grant the anticipatory bail pleaded by the TMC leader, backed by the district leaders of TMC, battery of lawyers and the public prosecutor as well.

Many of the TV channels were 'demanding' to know where is Mr Rahul Gandhi yesterday, Sunday. They needed 'story' for their election analysis. Here he was.

October 20, 2014

Corruption. Dynasty. Vote. Verdict: the person charged with the biggest ever scam ( irrigation scam) Mr. Ajit Pawar of NCP has won the Maharastra Assembly election with highest margin, 89791 votes. Pritam Munde, daughter of BJP leader late Gopinath Munde has won Lok Sabha bye election from Beed by highest ever margin ever in India, by 696321 votes. Pritam was not in politics and now would continue the 'dynasty'. How to understand and analyse these result? People have voted overwhelmingly. I invite comments from friends. Let us try to understand people/voter and analyse the implications for democracy and politics.

Force and Allure: It is very unfortunate that TMC is wresting control of Zilla Parishad (North Dinajpur) by foul means, through illegality, force and allurement. We strongly condemn the nature of transfer of Zilla Parishad to the dirty control of TMC. Both Congress and Left Front members have been a victim to the mechanisation of ruling party. The TMC even went to the extent of celebrating their 'victory' and in the process attacked supporters of the opposition. Infamous ways of the CPI (M) is being emulated by TMC but in this case they have even surpassed the inglorious record of the erstwhile rulers.

October 19, 2014

Tough Day: Ball is in the BJP's court. They are expected to win Haryana and Maharastra. The pressure is on them to perform vis a vis their lead in assembly segments all over these two states in Lok Sabha. Besides, Congress has been in power in these two states for 10 and 15 years respectively. But can BJP form government. How will Congress do? Tough. Shall be in 24 Ghanta channel from 10 am and in the evening in ABP Anando. Results have to be analysed. whether I like it or not.

Shared INC Photo

Bongaon: BJP has made significant gain in Haryana and Maharastra compared to 2009 elections but less successful than in 2014 Lok Sabha elections. BJP has 123 seats compared to 145 segments it won in May 2014 in Maharastra. In Haryana it has won 47, 5 less in Haryana. Congress had won only in 26 Assembly segments. It has increased to 42. It remains unchanged (15) in Haryana. Congress has lost and BJP will form government but the so called Modi wave has waned and weakened though it is not over. BJP however will require PM Modi everywhere, wherever elections are held in the country. Can we expect him for the Bongaon Lok Sabha bye election in West Bengal?

October 17, 2014

BJP Exposed

Ebola Fear: Highly infectious and deadly viral disease Ebola is a worldwide concern and a threat that must be taken most seriously. Our country also needs to advance our preparation. Central government has initiated the preparation and it is important that we are not caught off guard. Interconnectedness of the world is a huge boon we need to exploit but it can be a peril that we should be prepared for.

For those interested, I shall participate in the TV Channel 24 Ghanta's programme ' Apnar Ray' today evening. Also, please note that I urge you not to tag me with your posts or photos without my permission. It inconveniences me and confuses yet others. Hope my Timeline and it's security is respected.

October 15, 2014

Exit poll conducted by various channels need to "talk'' to each other! They also need to compare 'each other' vis a vis the election surveys. And interestingly the channels are busy trying to prop up BJP by comparing their findings reference to 2009 elections In the two states and not measure the BJP performance vis a vis 2014 Lok Sabha lead of BJP in these two states!!

Fingers Crossed: Voting will be over soon in Haryana and Maharasra. BJP scored very high in these two states in the Lok Sabha election. Should they fail to keep the momentum of their Lok Sabha result, it will be the beginning of the end of "Modi magic". It will be a verdict against the PM who has extensively campaigned making it a prestige and personal issue. For Congress, it is a contest to salvage the situation to whatever it is possible. After all, Congress has been in power for 10 years in Haryana and 15 years in Maharastra. The ball is in BJP's court. Let us see how they play. How well they play.

October 13, 2014

Blast as Blessing: Seems there is no end to the ceaseless revelations surrounding the infamous Burdwan blast. The tentacles of this nefarious set of activities involved a number of notorious characters and several districts. Blast and death of people is always unfortunate but it seems without the blast we would have been in the dark and completely unprepared to deal with the terror plot and design of the extremists.

October 12, 2014

Bengal's Hudhud: Mercifully Bengal has been spared from the cyclonic storm Hudhud. But is that so? CBI in Sharada and NIA in Burdwan blast are our Hudhud and unlike Orissa and Andhra Pradesh we like our Hudhud.

October 11, 2014

Shocking: it is shocking that Calcutta University teacher Roshenara Mishra' s class is being 'boycotted' by her students under threats from the TMCP. Her students have been beaten up earlier and are facing threats. False police case has been filled against her too. The teacher concerned is the daughter of Leader of Opposition Dr. Suryakanta Mishra. She is evidently a supporter of CPIM. This can not be a ground for the most irresponsible and shocking misdeed of TMCP. This is a shame that will never wash away.

Election Surveys: BJP is supposed to fail the absolute majority mark in both Maharastra and Haryana but all surveys predict huge gain for the party. What happens if the result is not that rosy for BJP? Who will take responsibility for the failures of the survey. These surveys are giving undue advantages to BJP. Who will explain if the surveys are off the mark? We have never seen media houses taking responsibilities for any of their failings, misreporting, misrepresentation. Issue of media responsibility can not be brushed aside. No longer. No more.

October 10, 2014

Nobel Peace: a most impressive win for liberation, education and empowerment for the children around the world with Indian Kailash Satyarathi and Pakistani teenager Malala Yousuzai declared winners of Nobel Prize for Peace. An emphatic win against exploitation of children and fundamentalist dictates. The timing is also significant and symbolic. Congratulations. Celebration. For peace and progress.

West Bengal Chief Minister's silence is becoming too loud. Why she is keeping mum on the Saradha scam and its investigation by CBI or the NIA probe into Burdwan explosion and its ramifications.

October 8, 2014

Central Inaction: Central govt has the power under the NIA Act passed by the UPA government to take up the Burdwan case. Why it is not being done? BJP leaders are talking incessantly on NIA. What is the central government doing? Why we do not have NIA led investigation on the Burdwan explosion and the international extremist linkages. Let Modi government move and move fast. Let it walk the talk.

October 5, 2014

ISIS: Sectarian clashes and terrorist attacks in Iraq and civil war in Syria has now acquired a much deeper and sinister form with the ascendency of ISIS. Horrific crimes and mass murder committed by ISIS against nationals and citizens of Iraq and Syria is drawing international condemnation and action. No less condemnable is ISIS' open beheading of journalists and aid workers. A strong international coalition involving all the countries of the world against ISIS is imperative.

October 4, 2014

Empty Vessel: The Prime Minister says that US and China and the world have started noticing India now that there is a new government. It is impolite to question the Prime Minister but still I can not help..... We all know about his poor knowledge of History. Now he fails foreign policy and international relations too. Indian-Americans were treated to PM Modi's rhetoric but there was no achievement or breakthrough in discussions with the US govt. And with the Chinese President.... less said the better. He is good with election campaigning and BJP says he would do that next 10 days, in Haryana and Maharastra.

October 3, 2014

RSS: the Modi government has given a dusshera gift to RSS. Doordarshan has carried out full one hour without break broadcast of RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat's speech. A most dangerous move. Gross misuse of government machinery.

October 1, 2014

Sarita Devi: Our boxer ( Asian Games Lightweight ,57 - 60kg) lost out in the semi final to South Korea's Jina Park. She has alleged that the decision to declare the local South Korean contestant was biased an our officials did not lodge a protest. Mary Kom who got a gold in another category has said that the approach and attitude of the officials toward the players, especially those from the northeastern states is not sincere and the officials were quite lackadaisical in their handling of the controversial decision of the judges. A serious issue and a national concern.

September 30, 2014

Saradha Scam: CBI is proceeding in its investigation in the chit fund scam, conspiracy angle and those who benefited.Is not it surprising that Shri Amit Mitra, the Finance Minister of the state who should be most concerned about the scam and its fallout on the economy of the state is keeping quiet. He has not spoken a single word on the subject past 18 months. What is the reason for this golden silence?

September 29, 2014

Conviction of Jayalalitha, three time Chief Minister has a hard lesson for politicians in West Bengal. Reference to scam and corruption "ain sesh katha bole" instead of "manush sesh katha bolbe" (Law will speak and not the verdict of the people). In our democracy, supremacy of law and the justice system prevails and not the mandate of the people.

September 28, 2014

Rajdeep Sardesai Heckled: Seems Modi supporters want him to contest election in the US. Majority of the media are crossing all the limits in building up a clamour for Modi. The way Modi supporters have heckled seniour journalist Rajdeep Sardesai when he was covering PM's programme is most condemnable.

Jayalalitha: Conviction of Jayalalitha, CM of Tamil Nadu in disproportionate asset case is a good pointer: winning elections is no guarantee that law will not catch up with you. It will. We in West Bengal need to remember this as well.

September 27, 2014

PM at UN: Our PM has a way with words. I appreciate his speech at the UN. Alas his government can match his words and rhetoric with the urgent issues at the home front. I do not expect him to answer the question but hope someone would ask him why his party BJP had opposed the India-US Nuclear Cooperation Agreement.

Victory: Breakdown of alliances in Maharastra is a positive development. This has injected uncertainty and no political party is confident of the outcome. However, the development is a good sign for political activists and workers of all the parties--Congress, NCP, BJP, Shiv Sena. Parties can contest seats where they could not earlier. A victory for political activists and workers of all parties.

BJP and India-US Relations: I do not expect him to answer the question but hope someone would ask our Prime Minister why his party BJP had opposed the India-US Nuclear Cooperation Agreement in 2008. The NDA government did work for a strong relation with the US and when the Nuclear Cooperation was finalised by the UPA government, BJP opposed it on irrational ground. I shall give credit to Brajesh Mishra, NSA during NDA regime that he refused to agree with BJP's opposition.

September 26, 2014

Time: A total of 14 hours spread over two days involving individual interaction with the faculty of one of the premium management school of the country, MDI Gurgaon has been most enriching. It's time we'll spend-- one of my responsibilities as Member of the Board of Governors. In between trying to follow the news--- Jadavpur, Saradha scam and Maharastra election.

September 23, 2014

Jadavpur: what was a micro issue has assumed a macro dimension. Unnecessarily. The initial inaction and mismanagement of the situation has now become an all encompassing "counter measures" strategy of the government. It is a lose lose strategy for the government.

September 22, 2014

The Statesman Panel Discussion, 16 September 2014, Kalamandir, Kolkata from L Prof. Hari Vasudevan, Mr MG Devashayam, Amb. K srinivasan (Moderator), Ms. Kalyani Shankar, Prof. Omprakash Mishra, Mr Siddhartha Bhatia

September 21, 2014

Border Tension: Unfortunate but the reality of repeated Chinese incursions in eastern Ladakh needs serious introspection and sensitive handling. PM Modi may have by now realised that rhetoric is a poor guide to foreign policy and national security. Chinese doublespeak and incursions are a reality that UPA govt addressed with lot of calibration and finesse.

September 19, 2014

Prime Minister’s Birthday: Bye election victories for his party BJP and Chinese President Xi Jinping’s visit to India ( to Ahmedabad first, not New Delhi) were expected to coincide with Prime Minister’s 64th Birthday on 17th September. The Prime Minister arrived in Ahmedabad on 16th but it was a bad day. BJP failed to impress. Rather, BJP suffered a humiliating defeat, unable to retain its seats in as many as 14 constituencies, in UP, Gujarat and Rajastan. To add to the debacle, the moment and the momentum was eaten up by the Chinese incursions in Ladakh. It would be impolite perhaps to recall Mr Modi’s grandstanding against Chinese incursions and a ‘weak’ Manmohan Singh government. Modi government was supposed to be so strong and so very different. Chinese did not ‘oblige’. A massive breach and incursion into Indian Territory was under way even as the two leaders were meeting. This was not an ‘accha din’ after all. The point is that rhetoric is a poor guide to foreign policy and national security issues.

September 17, 2014

Congress Jukta Bharat: I had a field day in the Statesman debate on " For the sake of India , Congress must Survive". Well , it is the job of the political pundits to dismiss Congress, but I pointed out, it is the job of the common people to repose their faith in Congress. It is all about Congress Jukta Bharat. Not Congress Rahit Bharat but Congress Sahit Bharat.

September 16, 2014

The Statesman Panel Discussion: For the Sake of India, Congress Must Survive, 16 September 2014, Kalamandir, Kolkata— at Kalamandir.

September 15, 2014

You may like to read my article "Prime Minister's Visit to Japan: Staying the Course" on the GIF website on the below link

The Statesman is organising their annual debate this year on " For India's Sake, The Congress Must Survive". The programme will be held at 6 pm at Kala Mandir Kolkata on 16th September. I am one of the panelists together with some very well known names. Friends interested to attend May check up the newspaper for the details to collect the passes. The Award for Rural Reporting and The Cushrow Irani Prize for Environmental Reporting would also be presented in the programme.

August 29, 2014

Prof. Mishra ( Member Secretary,Global India Foundation )Amb. Shyam Saran, Amb. Rasgotra, Amb. Salman Haidar (all former Foreign Secretary) Admiral PJ Jacob, ChairmanGlobal India Foundation — at India International Centre.

August 28, 2014

Attack: our country's Home Minister Shri Rajnath Singh has been attacked, by rumours circulating past couple of weeks in Delhi. The ferocity of the attack is so serious that he has declared retirement from politics and public life if there is any substance to the charges and allegations against him and his family members. The Prime Minister's office (PMO) has also denied reports of wrongdoing which these rumours supposedly refer to. People are curious as what these rumours are, who is spreading it. Well Home Minister is silent and so is the PMO and the BJP President who are all now siding with the Home Minister after his public outburst. Going by some reports in the media it is the PMO from where the rumours started. It was imperative that a big crisis in the government is averted. We have allegations of rumour mongering but no rumourmonger. We have denial of charges and allegations but no clarification as to the content of the charges and allegations.

July 16, 2014

Vaidik: Now everyone knows Ved Pratap Vaidik, after his infamous one to one with the terror kingpin Hafeez Sayeed in Pakistan. Government responded with a denial of its role in felicitating the meeting but was keeping quiet for almost two weeks. It was only after the uproar in the Parliament and media that government choose to deny its informal facilitation of the meeting. This meeting could not be possible without formal or informal nod from the government and its agencies.

May 19, 2014

Defeat: Congress has received its biggest drubbing in Lok Sabha election. The unprecedented and inglorious defeat would be analysed thoroughly no doubt. However, no less important is to convey our congratulations to the newly elected government, once it is sworn in. Like most of my colleagues contesting in West Bengal, I have also been defeated, with a huge margin. There is no question of offering any excuse or justification for the defeat. We did everything necessary and possible in the run up to the election and ran an efficient and extensive campaign which proved not to be effective given the anti-Congress mood at Balurghat or elsewhere. I am most disappointed but there is no reason for me not to mention that I did my very best, did not violate any code of conduct and ran a restrained and dignified campaign. I have no complaints against anyone and I am glad that none had any complain against me either.

May 6, 2014

Post- election: My election got over on 24th April and post that I have been campaigning at different places in support of Party candidates. My friends may be interested to know- how was my election. Frankly, I am quite optimistic of the outcome but then it is a really long shot, given my Party's dismal performance in the July Panchayat election and the subsequent election to Balurghat municipality. I think and there is common agreement that my campaign was most extensive, both in depth and geographical spread. Secondly, the campaign involved many innovative features which no candidate, whether in Balurghat or any other constituency in the state. I am glad for my brief speech played out for 12 days throughout the constituency, two short ad of 40 seconds each for all the local channels, my detailed address through LCD screen and projector mounted on 6 vehicles and played out for 18 days, a detailed information booklet on my background, credit and achievements in various field and so on. It is said that the contest for Balurghat Lok Sabha seat would be a close one. I am hopeful but then i am also someone who can take a defeat graciously.